Volunteer mentor

A Volunteer Mentor is a citizen who is willing to take on the legal representation of an unaccompa-nied foreign minor, who has arrived in Italy without reference adults, and who is entrusted to a lo-cal community in the territory or to a foster family.
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With constant reference to and with the support of social workers and educators, a Volunta-ry Mentor offers the unaccompanied foreign minor the opportunity to establish a meaningful relationship that can help guide him in his educational path and integration. Moreover, the Mentor is there to ensure that access to rights is assured without discrimination; he or she will help support the minor’s psychological and physical well-being and keep watch over the conditions of welcome, safety and protection.

The process to becoming a Voluntary Mentor begins by responding to the call for training and selection for volunteer mentors published by the Guarantor for Childhood and Adole-scence in your Region or Autonomous Province. The Vesta staff participate in the selection, training, support and monitoring of the Voluntary Mentoring programmes in the provinces of Bologna and Ferrara and are happy to answer all your questions.