Foster Care

In synergy with the relevant local services, Vesta also makes it possible to take unaccompanied foreign minors into foster care, providing the youngest children who have arrived in Italy without adult references to grow up in an environment that meets their needs for education and affection.
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During the Vesta foster care period, the family is constantly supported by the rele-vant social workers and by the professionals of our staff, to assure a harmonious de-velopment and the achievement of the child’s goals in terms of education and inte-gration.

Vesta is part of the Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees and provi-des the family with constant assistance from expert operators, together with a mon-thly financial contribution aimed at covering the costs of hospitality. Vesta also of-fers the opportunity to participate in an online community formed of all families of-fering hospitality, which provides a dedicated space for comparison, support and so-cialisation.