Family hospitality

Thanks to Vesta, families, couples and individual residents of our towns have the oppor-tunity to open the doors of their homes to a foreign child, accompanying him or her for a short period of his journey towards autonomy and integration in Italy.
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Vesta is a project that is part of the Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees and provides the family with constant assistance from expert operators and a monthly fi-nancial contribution aimed at covering the costs of hospitality. Vesta also offers the op-portunity to participate in an online community formed of all families offering hospitali-ty, which provides a dedicated space for comparison, support and socialisation.

The participants in the Vesta project are adolescents who have just come of age and who have previously been received into the community as unaccompanied foreign minors. Within the communities they will have undergone an initial educational, training and professionalising programme, at the end of which they will have been chosen by the Ve-sta staff to continue their journey towards autonomy through family hospitality.

Every Vesta hospitality programme lasts 6 months and can be extended until the adole-scent concerned has attained autonomy, thanks to a work in synergy between the Vesta staff and the family offering hospitality.