How it works

Do you want to contribute personally to the welcome and integration of unaccompanied foreign minors and young refugees in your city? There are plenty of opportunities!
There are various options open to you, according to the amount of time and resources you want to make available. You will always be accompanied and supported by Vesta staff, composed of social workers, educators, legal consultants, psychologists and anthropologists with decades of experience in welcoming asylum seekers and those entitled to international protection. Choose the most suitable project for you and apply!

Choose your project:

If you want more information on how to participate or you have other questions to help select the most suitable project for you, contact our staff by writing to

Sign up for training

If you are interested, apply and you will be contacted by the Vesta staff.
After an initial session by telephone, you can decide to enrol in the training process to choose which programme best meets your resources and capacity.
We are not looking for heroes, nor professionals, but citizens and families who want to adopt a path of empathy and hospitality.
During the training, in addition to the hospitality projects aimed at citizens and families, we will al-so discuss migration routes, international protection and tutelage, the reception system and the net-work of local social and health services. We will explore the legal, cultural, psychological and an-thropological aspects to learn more about the children we will meet during the process of reception and integration.
The staff will help participants in the training course imagine themselves as welcoming citizens and families, and will illustrate the supervisory and support tools available to the candidates, along with the counselling services and psychological support for the young people in the programme.