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The Vesta project avails itself of professionals from the CIDAS cooperative, operators and case ma-nagers, social workers, psychologists and lawyers, with many years of experience in the field of welcoming and integrating asylum seekers and refugees.

The CIDAS cooperative has for over ten years been involved in the welcome of asylum seekers and refugees, adults and minors, in Emilia-Romagna, implementing a high level of professionalism in va-rious types of project: SAI (Reception and Integration System), FAMI (Asylum, migration and integration fund) and the different forms of emergency welcome that have taken place in recent years.

Why help?

The migration of persons seeking international protection is a social phenomenon that in different ways involves everyone.
The Vesta project aims to offer municipalities (´comuni`) and citizens a new opportunity, one that is high-quality and tailored for the Italian context, to build increasingly integrated, innovative and safe communities. In addition to being a further opportunity for municipalities’ policies with regard to welcoming migrants, the Vesta project also represents an important contribution to integration, in which families and the individual citizen can be personally involved.

Here are the welcoming families, the boys and Vesta operators in Bologna



For information and details contact the Vesta Staff at the e-mail address: info@progettovesta.com

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