Dalla parte di chi apre le porte

Tutte le opportunità per contribuire all'accoglienza e integrazione di minori stranieri non accompagnati e giovani rifugiati.



Do you want to take part in a family hospitality or solidarity project for unaccompanied foreign minors and young refugees? Select your comune and find out more. Our staff is available to answer your questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the usual target age of an unaccompanied foreign minor assigned for foster care?

These are generally young adolescent or pre-adolescent children.

Can I offer hospitality even if my home is rented?

Yes, to apply you do not need to be the owner of the property.

After the scheduled period, can I extend the hospitality?

No, Vesta is a project devoted to integration, not pure welfare. Hospitality in a family is seen as a moment of transition, not a final goal. Furthermore, if the prescribed times are respected, it is possi-ble to allow others to experience the experience of hospitality in a home.